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Backflow Installation - Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette Louisiana

Install Backflow in New Orleans, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge

Backflow Installation - Lafayette, New Orleans, Baton Rouge LA

New Backflow Install in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette LA

Replace Backflow Devices. Quick Professional Installation of Backflow, Parts, and accessories.

Requirements for Backflow Installation in Louisiana

Louisiana Requirements and Regulations for Backflow in Louisiana.

New Orleans Backflow Requirements Install Marrero, New Orleans, Gretna, Slidell, Lafayette and more.

Backflow Installations

Backflow Installations

Backflow Devices are required by State and Local Governments to have Professional Testing and Inspections Annually by Licensed Backflow Inspectors. Failing Backflow Prevention Systems pose a threat to Public Safety through contamination of clean water systems. Testing and Inspecting Backflow Prevention Systems regularly will ensure proper Pressure and Function of your Backflow Prevention Device. Call or Email Today for more Information on Backflow Inspections and Testing.


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  • What is Backflow?

    Backflow is when the flow of water is reversed from the correct direction in a plumbing system. Backflow can cause potential cross-contamination of possible chemicals or hazardous materials.

    What Causes Backflow?

    Backflow occurs when different pressure levels exist in different points of water systems, normally high pressure flowing into low pressure. Backpressure or Backsiponage can cause reversal of flow direction.

    How to Prevent Backflow

    Prevent Backflow

    Backflow Preventer valves are installed on the plumbing system to stop the risk of contaminated fluids entering the water supply. Backflow valves are used when there isn't enough space to install an air gap, or when pressure is too high for an air gap. Backflow valves use moving parts, they are required to be inspected or tested annually.