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Backflow Repair

Backflow Repair

Backflow Devices are required by State and Local Governments to have Professional Testing and Inspections Annually by Licensed Backflow Inspectors. Failing Backflow Prevention Systems pose a threat to Public Safety through contamination of clean water systems. Testing and Inspecting Backflow Prevention Systems regularly will ensure proper Pressure and Function of your Backflow Prevention Device. Call or Email Today for more Information on Backflow Inspections and Testing.


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Faulty First Check Valve

Common Backflow Repairs

A First Check Valve opens at particular pressures, but if the Valve is having issues it may open at lower pressures which impairs the performance of the backflow system. Regular maintenance and testing is the best way to prevent this issue.

Faulty Second Check Valve

Common Backflow Repairs

A Faulty Second Check Valve can allow water to leak past into the area between the checks. Annual Backflow Testing will confirm the proper function of both Check Valves to ensure the system is functioning properly.

Leaking Backflow

Common Backflow Repairs

Leaking from the back flow preventer is most commonly caused by debris such as dirt or sand from the domestic water source getting into the seat of the relief valve and keeping it from shutting.

Relief Valve Opening Point too High or Low

Common Backflow Repairs

Relief Valves opening points can be too high or low due to the disc not setting properly or restricted movement of the valve stem. These are usually caused by scale and corrosion, which proper maintenance should prevent.

Clogged Strainer

Common Backflow Repairs

Strainers have ports to flush out debris from the screen. Flushing the screens must be done periodically. If screens are not flushed, the flow of water will be slowed and result in pressure loss to the downstream causing additional issues.